The New TrackIf Button Shows You If It’s Time To Buy


How many times have you found the product you want but looked at the price and thought ‘if only it were on sale’?  Maybe you bookmarked the page with a plan to return next week or maybe you just plan to check back in hopes that the price goes down.  But what if the price drops over the weekend and you miss out?  Or even drops for one day?

At TrackIf, we’ve been hard at work building you tools to save money.  Our latest announcement is an expansion of our TrackIf button.  The next time you’re looking at your dream product, use our TrackIf button to view its price history to know if you’re getting a deal all without leaving the site you are on.

Get it here:

How it works:

  1. Install the TrackIf button – Supported browsers are Safari, Chrome and Firefox.
  2. When viewing any product, simply click the “If” button in your browser.
  3. We’ll show you the price history letting you know if now is the right time to buy.
  4. Click the TrackIf button to instantly track the product if the price isn’t as low as you’d like.  Once the price changes we will notifying you of the price change via email.
  5. Once tracked, you can instantly search for similar products to see if that item is also on sale at another store.

See the new plugin in action:

This now puts price history data into your hands every time you are shopping online – and could help you save thousands of dollars each year.

Ready to add it to your browser?  Get it here:

Have it installed and want to give it a try?  Here are some products to use it on:


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